Quick Start


You will require Python >=3.6 and a linux based OS. With pip, installing Auto-Surprise is as easy as

pip install auto-surprise

Thats it. You are ready to get started

Quick Example

Here’s a quick example of using Auto-Surprise to determine the best algorithm and hyperparameters for the Movielens 100k dataset.

# Import required libraries
from surprise import Dataset
from auto_surprise.engine import Engine

# Load the dataset
data = Dataset.load_builtin('ml-100k')

# Intitialize auto surprise engine
engine = Engine(verbose=True)

# Start the trainer
best_algo, best_params, best_score, tasks = engine.train(
    cpu_time_limit=60 * 60, # Run for 1 hour

Thats it, after about 1 hour you should have the best algorithm along with the best parameters. To learn more, continue with the Manual